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Big plans, quick trips

This website is for the people with big travel plans but little time.

Layovers, travel with work or weekend breaks. Sometimes you need to cram the best bits into the little time you have to spare. This guide ensures you see what you need to see. Read personal recommendations for inspiration, or follow the route each guide outlines and leave us a comment. Think of this as a growing scrap book of travel recommendations.

Because a lot can be done in just a day

The highlights. The best bits. The must do and how to, all in one place.

Friends ask friends for recommendations. So when we travelled, we started recording highlights, must-sees and restaurant recommendations in notebooks and email threads. We’ve pooled all these tips together into a set of guides filled with the things that meant the most to us, what we wished we’d done differently and the research we did (so you don’t have to). Each guide is written in logical, geographical order, so you can do as we did or make it your own.