About us

Amy Smith


The budget getaway master, Amy is an Aussie living in London - a familiar story to most!

One day she decided to pack up her life on the Gold Coast and venture to Europe for the very first time; traveling the continent for three months before landing in London with the daunting task of finding a flat to rent, a job to fund more travel and some new friends to do it all with.

Almost two years on and she’s living in North London, has travelled to 29 countries (and counting) and made some amazing friends along the way - including Jared!

Jared Keleher


A fan of far flung adventures, Jared grew up in the Garden of England, Kent.

Having spent his childhood around landmarks like the White Cliffs of Dover and Canterbury Cathedral, he now chases his dreams (and Park Run PB) in East London.

A long-awaited sojourn to Los Angeles in 2013 with a close friend sparked a passion for adventure and since that trip he hasn’t looked back. From Seville to Singapore, Jared has visited 24 countries and intends to complete the 30 under 30 challenge.